Фк «н иан ат» (николаев)


Президент – С. С. Кибзун, почетный президент Н. П. Пыхти.

Главные тренеры – Р. М. Забраиский, Л. В. Малый.

Бронзовый призер чемпионата Украины среди ветеранов (35 лет и старше) – 2007, бронзовый призер чемпионата Украины среди ветеранов (45 лет и старше) – 2007, чемпион Николаевской области 2006, 2007, победитель первенства г. Николаева 2007.



Подпись: ЯИАНЛТ


Н/ЛНА1 %


Подпись: НЛАНАТПодпись: т№

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Soccer Team Stalin's name Surkov was charged with unintentional murder - stve Dimov and was disqualified without a time limit. He spent almost a year off the pitch . On May 1, 1928 with Surkov's disqualification was lifted and he returned to football . Also, the press said that the 02.09 . " Athletic Club " -2 - "Sporting" (Kherson) - 4:2 (2:1)
At the 2 - July 3, with the first planned matches national team in Moscow , our countrymen have answered yes. But Mykolayiv eventually held two meetings with the Odessa citizens : the victory and the expression with the same score of 1-0. Ticket prices are as follows: at the request prior to the match - 30kop . , The day of the match at the stadium , 40 kopecks . Season tickets are not valid . The winning match refereed Sokolov, the stadium came more than three million viewers. Jacob City , the report said about the game : 30.06. The press reported on a number of games still autumn 1912 , " Diagoras " September 9 won " Nico Laevsky circle of football players " - 2:1, and by the same score - command of English steamer " Kvinmur ." Other matches : "Sports" - N.K.F. - 1:0, " Diagoras " - a team of "D. Milton "( en glichane ) - 1:0 ( scored Ryabov ) . 21.06 . Nikolaev " Zheldor " (Kiev) "The other day in the city council meeting of the committee held a unifying local soccer organizations: Sportive tion Society , Athletic Club" Union "and" Russian falcons la "on the subject of the discussion about education in Nikolai ve Football League. The meeting decided: the Bureau elected at the same meeting , and members of the League 3 from each society to elect committees of interested companies. For covered balloting elected: Chairman league BA - Jura The third championship of Ukraine was held September 8-18 in Kharkiv at the First All - Ukrainian sport. 12 teams were divided into three groups , with the winners of the 2nd and 3rd teams met each other for the right to play in the final against the winner of the 1st group . Nikolaev Skye football section has decided not to send a team to the semi-final match with the national team of Kharkov in group 1 ( reason unknown). A pity, because it is essentially the match fourth of the tournament . According beditelyami groups were Kharkov, Drugkovka , Yuzivka . Final: Kharkov- Yuzivka - 1:1, re igrovka , 5:1. 06.11 . "Zebra" - SHKS -2 ( Odessa ) - 0:0 Yesterday the final championship match between Russia dy winner of the South, Odessa , and the winner of the North, Peterburi God. Against Odessa Petersburg set with small changes tions , the same team that won 3-0 in Moscow . Participants: Shaverin , Huhrin , Gromov , Uversky , Viburg , chromium, Egorov, Detlev , Butusov , Kiselev , Filippov . Odessa league fielded a strong team consisting of: Kazhdan, Miser sky , Gatton , Carr , Geezer , Ivanov , Townend , Jacobs , Bohemia sky , Zlochevskiy , Breathe . From the place after the whistle referee at fell Petersburg, Odessa but soon recovered and moved the game to the gates of enemies. " April 9 opened spring football season . Played the first working team : Longshoremen and Marty Badin . The match was about pretty busy , and ended in a draw - 0:0 . " " Union " in the current season has played 18 matches and scored 32 goals in three defeats, one of which is on svoem1 field . Three matches from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute , Odessa Sheremetevtsami and places nym Sports were played 0-0. Dry been given Kharkov " Zhenes " - 6:0, Odessa " Indo " - 4:0 , and "Vega" - 3:0 . " ?>
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